What. How. Why.

Every Ocean Tee product is designed with the game in mind, whether that is the durability of our bamboo tees, or the comfort and freedom of movement created by our biodegradable elastane. Our focus is on performance whilst showcasing market leading sustainable materials and fabrics.

Bamboo Tees

Bamboo is a naturally strong and flexible material that creates a tee that is exceptionally durable. As always we use no single use plastic so our tees come packaged up in unique recyclable matchbox units. From short tees to castle tees, we have got you covered.

Organic Polo Shirts

Our Mako polo shirt is a premium blend of organic cotton and biodegradable elastane, creating an athletic fit polo with ultimate freedom of movement.

Organic Sweaters

The Wobbegong sweater utilises an innovative recycling process to create a tailored fit, luxury organic cotton garment. Perfect for those cold morning starts.