Promoting sustainability in golf is the main driver of our business

Ed Sandison, Founder

How we do it

We exclusively use sustainably sourced bamboo to manufacture our golf tees.

Why use bamboo? Bamboo is an exceptionally adaptable and resilient grass species that thrives in many locations across the globe. It can achieve astonishing growth rates of up to 3.5 feet per day (1,000 times as fast as Oak!) without the need for petrochemicals or artificial pesticides and requiring relatively little water. The combination of durability and high growth rates means that bamboo crops can replenish themselves rapidly after harvesting, this reduces the impact on the local biodiversity, maintains soil quality and reduces the impacts of erosion that are associated with harvesting hardwood forests. From a performance point of view, unlike hardwood, bamboo is both strong and flexible due to it’s high fiber density and lack of knots and rays. This results in a durable tee that is less prone to snapping.

We source, manufacture and print our tees in one location.

We attempt to reduce unnecessary haulage emissions, energy use and waste packaging by manufacturing and printing our tees in one location close to the natural source of bamboo.

We design shipping and packaging strategies that are bespoke to our clients.

By understanding the specific needs of our clients e.g. timeframes and multiple delivery destinations, we design an efficient delivery strategy that seeks to minimise emissions and unnecessary packaging.

We use no plastic. Simple.

We support charities focused on tackling plastic pollution.

We are delighted to donate 25% of our corporate profits to the brilliant and passionate charities that are on the front line fighting to protect the health of our marine environments.

We constantly monitor our supply chain.

We use a variety of suppliers for all elements of our business and a conscious decision was made not to get tied into long term supply contracts. While this on occasion increases our cost, it does allow us to continue to seek better and more sustainable options, be reactive and demand the best

We listen.

If you have any ideas or comments on the way we work please do get in touch
via [email protected] we are constantly looking to improve.