The 'Mako' Polo Shirt

by Ocean Tee

An athletic fit design manufactured from an organic cotton and biodegradable elastane blend that provides superior comfort and freedom of movement.





Biodegradable Elastane

ROICA Eco-Smart’ is a world first range of responsibly made premium stretch yarns. Our unique fabric contains the ROICA V550 yarn which is the only elastane worldwide that is classified as non eco-toxic. It holds the:

Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility Certification – meaning at its end-of-life it smartly breaks down without releasing harmful substances.

Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute GOLD Standard – meaning its supply chain has been evaluated for impacts on human and environmental health, eliminating toxic and unidentified chemicals for a safe continuous cycle.

Our organic cotton is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Our manufacturing partner is among only a handful of vertically integrated companies worldwide to have met the terms established by Greenpeace to be a member of the ‘global eco-initiative DETOX’.

This is a commitment to eliminate any toxic chemicals likely to have an adverse effect on humans or the environment from production chains at all stages of the product lifecycle.

All dyes hold OEKO-TEX certificates Class I and II and are compliant with GOTS and DETOX.

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