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This is not a polo shirt – This is fairtrade, ethical pay, and chemical free farming

The OCEAN TEE ethos is to share new ideas. By being entirely transparent about everything we do, we hope other businesses will take notice and follow our lead. We also want our customers to feel confident that they are making a purchase that will have the smallest impact possible on the planet. We love our Mako polo, but this step into fashion is not just about a polo shirt!

Why are we using Organic Cotton?

In short, conventional cotton is bad for the environment

Benefits of Organic Cotton

This is why we exclusively use GOTS certified Organic Cotton for our Mako Polo Shirts.

The fabric has the same quality as conventional cotton without the negative impact on the environment. It is grown from non-GMO seeds and without the use of pesticide, insecticide or fertiliser. Unlike conventional cotton, organic farmers use ancestral farming methods, including crop-rotation, mixed farming or no-till farming to preserve the soil. These methods effectively lock CO2 into the soil and as a result greenhouse gas emissions can be up to 94% lower than conventional cotton production. In addition, organic cotton uses up to 71% less water.

GOTS covers more than the cotton farming process. Here is a video that explains exactly what the Global Organic Textile Standard is

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