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This is not a polo shirt – This is preserving marine habitats

The OCEAN TEE ethos is to share new ideas. By being entirely transparent about everything we do, we hope other businesses will take notice and follow our lead. We also want our customers to feel confident that they are making a purchase that will have the smallest impact possible on the planet. We love our Mako polo, but this step into fashion is not just about a polo shirt!

My background is as a Marine Conservationist. I love the ocean and am particularly fond of sharks, which is why our first polo is named after the Mako. This is a remarkable animal, which is now sadly endangered. Open-ocean species like the Mako frequently feed near the surface and are much sought after by game fishermen. Beautifully streamlined and powerful swimmers, they are prized for their fighting qualities and repeated leaps out of the water.

The shortfin Mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second. That’s over 42 mph! I can’t imagine a world where these amazing animals don’t exist which is why when I launched OCEAN TEE my business plan factored in donating 25% of our profit to charities dedicated to marine conservation and eliminating single use plastic.

The link between the sea and plastic tees is a really simple connection to make, we have all seen the horrendous photos of marine animals entangled in plastic waste for example, but with the Fashion Industry it isn’t quite as obvious. Water pollution is a huge problem starting with the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow the crops, the chemical wastewater created when you turn the crop into fabric and the sheer quantity required to complete the manufacturing process. The impact doesn’t end there with microplastics and synthetic fibres entering our waterways when we wash synthetic clothes, like polyester.

The fact that most people aren’t aware of the environmental impact of the Fashion Industry isn’t really anyone’s fault. It’s a powerhouse, which is trying to keep up with consumer demand. Part of our commitment to change is through our charity donations – I know that every penny of the money we donate is being used productively. But, this is also a two-way street. I want to give our charity partners, like Surfers Against Sewage the chance to educate people by giving them a platform in the golf world.

We’re already developing education programmes that can be delivered around Tour events to build awareness and excitement about key areas of sustainability. This will hopefully inspire golfers to think about their own clubs and what they could be doing differently. In the meantime, whenever you buy something from OCEAN TEE you are also personally contributing to saving these beautiful creatures and the habitats that they live in.

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