Why Ocean Tee?

Premium Quality

Our strong and sustainable bamboo tees are less prone to snapping than traditional hardwood tees.

Player/Guest Satisfaction

A complimentary gift no matter how small can create a great feel good factor and positive impression of your business. Tees in particular are perfect for this as they serve a purpose and won’t simply be discarded by the recipient like many other forms of marketing collateral.

Low Cost to Impression Marketing Tool

A branded complimentary item will reach a far wider audience than an item for sale. Tees in particular will remain in the bags of players as they visit other courses, sparking conversation amongst playing partners.

Ocean Tee Charity Partners

As a business we donate 25% of our corporate profits to charities focused on tackling plastic pollution. This in turn creates a host of PR/marketing opportunities for our clients by association.

Sustainability Statement

Offering complimentary bamboo golf tees as an alternative to plastic/traditional hardwood tees is a great low cost tool to emphasise that the club is pro active with regards to sustainability and focused on reducing the amount of single use plastic used.

Counter Appeal

We design bespoke matchbox packaging units, or provide display baskets for loose tees, that catch the eye of your members and guests and help to showcase the sustainable step that you have taken. Whether the tees are to be offered in the pro shop, at the 1st tee or in a guest’s hotel room, we will ensure you get the desired impression.