Strong & sustainable bamboo golf tees, the functional and environmental choice for the modern golfer. Ocean Tee donates 25% of company profits to charities involved in marine protection, specifically those targeting plastic pollution.

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Ocean Tee bamboo golf tees are packaged in recyclable matchboxes that help to keep tees organised and easily accessible in your bag.

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Bamboo Golf Tees

Bamboo tees are stronger and more flexible than traditional hardwood tees and are therefore significantly less prone to snapping.

Bamboo grows at an astonishing rate in a variety of habitats across our planet; complete stocks can be replenished in a matter of months after harvesting, compared to the decades taken for hardwood forests. Using bamboo where possible helps reduce the severe environmental impact of deforestation.

Marine Protection

Ocean Tee wants to have both an immediate and long-term impact on the fight against plastic pollution and therefore will donate 25% of all company profits to selected charities to support ongoing initiatives and research. Our goal is to then re-invest surplus profits into the business to drive growth and enable future donations to increase year on year, contributing to the long term health of our  marine environments. We are proud to include Surfers Against Sewage amongst our charity partners.

Ocean Tee strong and sustainable bamboo golf tees.

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